Pasture Raised Heritage Pork, 8 Rib Center-Cut Standing Roast

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The classic pork roast, perfect for your holiday meal or any special occasion!

 Our pasture-raised, free ranging hogs make a mouthwateringly delicious, tender roast.  Always fresh, never frozen.  7-8 lbs.

Cooking Tip:  Rub it with salt and herbs and put it in the oven uncovered at 375 until the center is 160.  It's as easy as it is impressive.  The chine bone has been removed so that when it is done you can cut it between the ribs into 8 individual chops or you filet off the boneless loin, slice it into portions and serve the ribs separately!  

**All from our farm group's pasture raised, heritage breed hogs. Sustainable. Convenient. Delicious.**