$100 Piggery Retail Store (Ithaca, NY) Meat CSA Share

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We're excited to share that after having our program full for over a year, we're able to offer 50 new membership shares to our community!  Here are all the details:

CSA shares are available be in $100 increments. Buying a share will give you store credit of the share amount plus 10%. So a $100 share gives you $110 to spend over the winter. A $300 share gives you $330 to spend. CSA shares can be spent on any meat counter items, including pork, beef, chicken, turkey, duck and lamb, when available.  Once you're a CSA member, you can re-charge your share once you use it all and remain a member for as long as you'd like:)

Why call it a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The idea is that the community helps farms pay some of their up front costs in exchange for a share of the fresh farm products in return. In this case, the money that is collected for the CSA program will allow us build our herd for the upcoming season and source awesome, pasture raised meats from other farms in the community.   We've had 200+ members for years and we're excited to have a few more members join us:)

How does it work?

Just visit our store in Ithaca and pick out any meat items that you're interested.  When you arrive to the check out counter, please let the cashier know you're a CSA member and they'll pull up your share account.  The meat share account is good for all meat purchases, but not for other groceries available for sale.  

Please note that share balances will be available in the shop within 1 business day of purchasing a share online.

Pls just reach out to info@thepiggery.net with any further questions!