2 Month Subscription Box Gift Card

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This Gift Card is the best gift you can give a meat lover! With this purchase, you will receive an email within 24 hours giving you your virtual gift card! The way you present the gift card to the meat lover you know is up to you! All the recipient will have to do is enter the code and they will receive 2 boxes (one each month) containing the following meats:

The first 2 months will include: 

Month 1:

4 Pack Fresh Sausages

Nitrate Free Bacon 

Deli Ham 

Pork Chops 

Piggery Pate 

Boneless Shoulder 

Rose/Thyme Chops 

Month 2: 

Pork Cutlets 

Turkey Bone Broth 

Cottage Bacon 

Herbed Turkey Deli 


Grass Fed Ground Lamb 

Turkey Hearth Sausage 

Beef Denver Steaks 

Breakfast Sausage 

Pork Kabob Meat